Phillip-King-engines-of-wealthPhillip King

I have lived in Cronulla south of Sydney for the past 6 years with my wife and three children. I am 56 years old and have enjoyed a dynamic career in sales that has fuelled my passion for property investment.

When my interest in building wealth began I was just starting in sales management at IBM Australia. I find sales an exciting career and one that stimulates my desire to engage with clients and pursue a deal that delivers a benefit to both parties. I began investing in property and to be honest I’ve never really stopped and have always had an eye out for my next investment deal.

During my employment I established an office Investment Club and ran a monthly “lunch and learn” session to discuss property with like-minded people. In the early years I invested in negatively geared residential property and as I detail in my book Engines of Wealth, I switched to positively geared commercial retails shops and have never looked back!

For over 15 years I coached over 100 up-and-coming investors on the strategies I employed to create wealth. As I built a detailed knowledge of commercial property investment I was amazed by how little was published that explains this attractive investment option. Therefore I was compelled to document my experiences and share the power of this asset class.

After 30 years investing in property, my partners and I have accumulated over 51 retail shops and offices. More importantly, I have created a positively geared income stream that will continue to fuel my families’ needs long after I’m gone. I am proud to have produced this book as a reference manual for others on how I created long lasting wealth.

Stephen-Hains-engines-of-wealthStephen Hains

I live in Coffs Harbour on the New South Wales North Coast with my family, we moved from Sydney 4 years ago and are enjoying a change of lifestyle. I am 52 years old and have experienced a consulting and sales career that has allowed me to work with global corporations across 26 different countries.

I began investing in residential property 20 years ago with the purchase of my first house and since then have added a further two investment units to my portfolio. Three years ago I attended one of Phil’s Investment Club lunches and this changed my perspective on how I can be more proactive in building my long-term wealth. I had just paid off the debt on my home and had a modest share portfolio. I decided to take charge of my wealth strategy. My first step involved liquidating my share portfolio and establishing a different relationship with my bank, now that I did not owe them anything. This gave me a strong foundation of capital and cash flow to dive into retail property investment.

With regular guidance and advice from Phil I secured my first 2 shops, tenanted by an award winning café. Within a year I had secured my next investment, a neighbourhood centre with 10 shops. I now have 12 commercial properties and like Phil says in the book, I always have room for one more shop.

As a student of Phil’s investment approach I can attest to the stories and lessons detailed in Engines of Wealth. Many of the tips provided assisted me secure my shops at the price point I wanted. I look forward to many more years of collaboration and exchange as I continue my personal journey and continue to expand my wealth engines.