There are many books on the market providing advice on how to structure your finances, take control of your spending and improve your savings habits.

But once you have your finances in order, many find themselves asking “What now?”

Engines of Wealth answers this question with a step-by-step guide to building a commercial property portfolio that leverages your savings to create a long-term engine of wealth. This investment approach delivers a positively geared income that is indexed to inflation and will be there for your family long into the future.

Engines of Wealth provides a solution to the problem facing many young Australians of today: how to purchase a home in the face of increasing residential property prices. Phillip recommends a completely different approach: invest first in commercial properties that have a lower barrier to entry, build equity that can then be leveraged for a home purchase later. This means anyone, no matter what age, can build wealth that brings the Australia Dream of home ownership within reach.

Whether you’re in your 20s wanting to learn about creating a bright financial future or in your 50s wanting to learn how best to invest your savings, Engines of Wealth is the book for you.


Finally a book about investing in retail shops, there’s heaps of books on residential property investment but hardly any on commercial investing.

David Morgan

I want a reliable income stream to power my retirement, after reading Engines of Wealth I realise there is an option other than risky shares and residential.

Barry Arkley

I am so glad I found Engines of Wealth, I have read everything on Phillip’s website and am very excited to reduce my exposure to residential tenants and invest in a retail shop.

Bill Morrison