Phillip King is a licenced Real Estate Agent experienced in sourcing quality retail commercial properties for our clients. After 30 years of investing and building his own personal portfolio of 51 shops, Phillip is well placed to assist others. Phillip is supported by Stephen Hains, co-author of the book and owner of 12 retail shops himself.

Selecting the right shop is one of the most important things you can do, having the experience of the Engines of Wealth team to assist with property selection and negotiation is invaluable and could save you thousands. Having sourced commercial shops for many years the team are well connected with real estate agents and often source properties in off-market transactions.

The Engines of Wealth team are continuously researching the market for the best locations and retail businesses, we produce a full property report on each property that we recommend. In producing our report our clients know that property has been vetted and negotiations on price and value are well progressed, if not already agreed. Our property reports are produced for the retail shops our team deems have superior qualities in terms of location, businesses type and financial return.

We do see lots of great properties on the market, however they often have owners with unrealistic expectations on their value. Our team uses its knowledge of the market, experience in property negotiations and diligence in outgoings analysis to ensure realistic valuations are put forward to the seller’s agent. Often, it is time the property remains on the market that will convince an owner to lower his price, it is not uncommon for our team to have spent several months in negotiations before reaching an agreement to purchase a property. Our clients can be confident in the knowledge that the property meets our stringent selection criteria and is being purchased with solid financial returns.

The Engines of Wealth team is engaged to support you through the entire buying process from property selection, purchasing negotiations, bank approval requests, appointment of legal representation, legal due diligence reviews and initial onboarding of a management system to self-operate the property. Phillip and Stephen are just a call away to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the settlement process.

The Engines of Wealth team uses the standard (unedited) Department of Fair Trading, Form 6 for appointment as your Buyers Agent. Once appointed you can enjoy reviewing the property reports we share for properties that meet our purchase criteria.

We take the hard work out of it so you can start your engines with the confidence and knowledge that you are investing in quality.

For all Engines of Wealth Buyers Agent information please use the form to submit your query.

If you’d like to get in touch straight away you can call 0412 275 255

For those needing assistance with identifying and securing properties, we are licensed to help you find, negotiate and buy a property on your behalf. We will charge an agreed commission fee for this service.