Phillip King and Stephen Hains provide one on one consulting sessions to further explore the wealth buildings strategies outlined in Engines of Wealth. Whether you’ve read the book and have questions or if your time challenged and would appreciate the book summarised in a personal 3-hour session, we can help.

Our consulting sessions provide customers more back ground on how Phillip and Stephen leveraged commercial retail property to build wealth, we go into the proven strategies to create a long-lasting income stream that now fuels their retirement.

Our consulting services are ideal for those starting their wealth building journey, providing personal coaching and expert advice. Having Phillip and Stephen’s experience on your side to use as a sounding board will provide you the knowledge and confidence to invest in this attractive asset class.

The Engines of Wealth consulting service enables you to assess a property’s core strengths such as location, tenant business type, lease terms, capitalisation rate, cash flow and other selection criteria we outline in the book. This is also an ideal forum to discuss strategies used to assess borrowing capacities, seek loan approvals and negotiation tips used on the selling agent to bring the purchase price down.

A common response from our clients at the conclusion of these one on one sessions is how valuable they found it, how enlightened and excited they are to pursue their first engine of wealth. The most important take-away is having the confidence that they can realise their financial and retirement goals using retail shops.

One important exercise during the one on one sessions is to review a live transaction. A property currently on the market that the Engines of Wealth team are recommending to one of our clients to buy. We step you through the properties key attributes, the true capitalisation rate the property is being purchased at and the current state of pricing negotiations. We then discuss the property’s annual cash flow, expected capital growth, loan repayments, landing us on the properties true financial return, in other words, your profit.

Session Duration:                               3 Hours

One on One Consulting Price:     $600.00 (Plus GST)

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